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Who’s a DIY’er when it comes to creating content for Instagram?

*raises hand*

I love my professional branding photos and I also love my on-the-fly, DIY content.

I wanted to share some quick tips for you to create MORE content with the same amount of time & resources.

The secret?

Think outside the box and change up your space!

1 // Flatlays

Changing perspective in your photos and video is a win-win. Overhead shots are always a crowd-pleaser and flatlays are so elegant!

2 // Shelving

Don’t overlook a good shelf! You can style it with business books and your new product. Also, don’t forget that video converts much higher than photos these days, so as you’re snapping lovely photos, take some video clips and Boomerangs too!

3 // Neutral backdrops

A good backdrop is a girl’s best friend. You can set your phone on a tripod and capture some fabulous still photos and video. Think about timelapse, Boomerang, and capturing long-form video that you plan to edit (or outsource!).

DYK: The Meet Suite has crisp, white tables that are perfect for creating your own custom flatlay. We have white shelving and glass shelving you can use to capture lovely photos and quick video clips. Check out our hourly rates & membership packages here.

Happy content creating!

Photo Credit: Terrie Images

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