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4 Ways A Florist Can Use The Meet Suite

Florist play a special role in so many occasions that life brings. They have the amazing ability to design, coordinate and arrange flowers in away that can provide comfort, healing and happiness. As you can tell, we love seeing fresh florals in our suite. The Meet Suite has provided a space just for our local florist. Here are 4 ways a florist can use our suite:

1. Consultations with a bride.⁠

2️. Floral design mock-up meeting with your bride.⁠

3️. Take photos and videos of your arrangements to engage your target audience.⁠

4️. Host a in-person or virtual floral arrangement workshop.⁠

If you are a florist that is working out of your home, but need a space to meet with clients we are here for you. Take advantage of our affordable membership rates. You can learn more about our membership here .

Images: Terrie Images

Florist: Toni of Mill Pond Estates

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