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This is THE most asked question clients ask branding photographers.

I get it!

You’re investing in your business with your branding shoot and you want to look your absolute best.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you commit to an outfit:

Q1: “Does this fit with my brand?”

Think about your brand colors, your brand vibe, and who you serve.

The thing about a brand, is that it’s pleasantly predictable. So if your ideal client sees lots of gold, blue, and white on your website and social media, having your outfit feature 1 or more of these colors would be the perfect would be the perfect way to tie your brand story together.

Q2: “Will I be able to move freely in this outfit?”

Don’t get yourself into a pickle where the outfit looks great on the hanger, but when you put it on, it makes you uncomfortable and unable to pose for your photos.

If you’re able to comfortably stand, sit in a chair, and even sit on the floor (you’d be surprised how good this can look if it’s the right fit for your brand!), then you’re golden, girl.

Q3: “Is this outfit going to make me feel like Beyoncé?”

This is the most important question of all.

Your branding photos are only going to be strong and effective in reaching your ideal client if you look confident and like own that room. Your outfit has to make you feel like the incredible women and business you are.

DYK: The Meet Suite has a powder room and a portion of the room is sectioned off with a curtain. This means plenty of space for you to change in, have your makeup and hair done, and feel fully ready to rock your branding shoot.

Cheers to capturing branded images that knock your ideal client’s socks off!

Photos by Terrie Images

Model: @jenniferbeautyco


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