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Why In-Person Meetings Trump Virtual Ones?

Meeting in person can be an invaluable experience that allows you to build relationships, collaborate, and create solutions in ways that virtual meetings simply can't. Here are some of the top reasons why meeting in person can be the best way to create meaningful connections and get the job done:

Establish trust:

Meeting in person allows people to establish trust more quickly than through virtual encounters. There is something about being in the same room as someone that builds a sense of trust more quickly than a video call or email.

Build relationships:

Having the opportunity to meet someone in person can help to build relationships faster than virtual meetings. In-person meetings allow you to get to know someone’s personality, body language, and communication style, which are all important for developing relationships.

Express yourself:

While virtual meetings can be great for conveying information, nothing beats the opportunity to express yourself in person. You can communicate more effectively with facial expressions, gestures, and other nonverbal cues.

Solve problems:

When it comes to problem-solving, meeting in person can be a great way to brainstorm together and come up with solutions more quickly. You can also get a better sense of the other person’s idea and thought process, which can help to come up with solutions faster.

Share ideas:

Having the opportunity to share ideas in person allows for a more productive conversation. You can look each other in the eye and have a better understanding of each other’s views and opinions.

Sketchy Tech:

Have you ever been on a virtual call and the tech starts to glitch right at a critical part of the meeting? When meeting in person you don't have to worry about a glitchy connection, power outage that effects your Wi-Fi connection. In-person you can continue your meeting without skipping a beat.

Overall, meeting in person is a great way to build trust, relationships, express yourself, solve problems, and share ideas without technical interference. While virtual meetings are great for conveying information, nothing beats the opportunity to connect with someone in person.

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